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Why I left facebook and probably you should too!

Social media

Facebook has become what previously actually never existed. Well yes, I mean that.  There were social media platforms like myspaces, orkut but the amount of time and the information people share and spend on facebook is unprecedented. At a first glance what it seems is a pretty harmless social network website but its actually alot more than that. People post…

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SSAS : Save hours by automating the cube deployments!

Analysis Services cube

Every now and then it is quite an overhead in large development environments to deploy the SSAS cubes at a large scale. Automating this process particularly helps when doing lots of changes in the SSDT (SQL Server data tools) in the development environment and when finished the changes then deploying the cubes in the UAT environment. Then after completion of…

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Junk Dimensions?!

Junk dimensions in Data warehouses

Quite often SSAS/DWH designers face with the situation with several if not dozens of small what could be called small dimensions, e.g. Yes/No flags, status etc. To make each of them a separate dimension (say 20 different Yes/No flags dimensions) would simply clutter the data mart and eventually the SSAS cube. The convenient way in my opinion is to rather…

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Addition without using any arthmetic operator

Addition without Arithmatic Operator

Often is this puzzle brought up to test someone’s ‘bits’ knowledge but it is rather straight forward to add two numbers (whole numbers). It works by same principle as we do it by Hand, i.e. add two numbers, Keep the carry and add it into the sum. In programming we can do it achieve the simple ‘addition’ via XOR operator i.e. ^…

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