Neural Networks

Solution: optimizer got an empty parameter list

Recently while building a custom Pytorch model i got a puzzling error “ValueError: optimizer got an empty parameter list” which got some hours of troublshooting, only to find that it just needs a small trick. Reproducing the error: It usually happens when you have a model with your own defined parameters, e.g. consider following example with only one parameter: While…

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Neural Networks, NLP

NLTK vs Spacy: Performance Comparison of NLP Libraries in Text Tokenization

Natural Language Processing Tokenization with Spacy and NLTK

Tokenized Text Computers do not actually understand human language because the only language they understand is binary (0s & 1s). This is also the case because we have so many languages and dialects. In order to make computers understand the natural language (the language humans write and speak) we need to convert it into a computers understandable format. While working…

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