Deep Visual Counter

Count People from very dense crowds by taking a foto – Free!

No Installation required!

Example 1:

A concert (Photo by ELEVATE from Pexels) – Click to enlarge

Estimate: 553 Persons

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Example 2:

Detected people
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Crowd density estimation has been a difficult task especially in very crowded scenes, e.g. rallies, protests and other gatherings but no more. Deep Visual Counter estimates the people count from just a foto taken by a smartphone.

Just take a foto of the crowd in a correct scale ratio (described below) and analyse it using this tool on your Windows PC to get the head count, nothing else required. No especial cameras, other hardware needed.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 10 ( may work on older version but not tested)
  • RAM atleast 8 GB
  • Processor – faster the better. At-least 2 GHZ dual core.
  • 2 GB of free Disk drive space


  • Download the program from the download link
  • unzip it, go to DVC folder and click on “Deep Visual Counter ” shortcut, or DeepVisualCounter.exe inside the folder with same name.
  • To get best results choose an image or resize it so that an average human head is in a size of approximately 50×50 pixels.
  • Click on the file and then to select an image (currently only jpg format supported), click open and wait for image to process and hear your computer’s fan noise!
  • After finishing the processing which can take from several seconds to minutes depending upon the size of the image, at the top bar displays total persons count estimate as well number faces (clearly visible faces only from front )
  • Accuracy: The accuracy varies depending upon the quality of image, light, perspective and scale of the images. Under ideal conditions (e.g. in the foto shown above and scale of 50×50 for one person) it can achieve the accuracy above 95%.

Download (460 MB)

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  • Use at your own risk