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Why I left facebook and probably you should too!

Social media

Facebook has become what previously actually never existed. Well yes, I mean that.  There were social media platforms like myspaces, orkut but the amount of time and the information people share and spend on facebook is unprecedented.

At a first glance what it seems is a pretty harmless social network website but its actually alot more than that. People post everything and anything related to their lives, rages, rants, raves, likes, dislikes and what not. Then there are people doing business, selling things. There are goverments trying to form or change opinions (if anybody doenst understand please see news in US post 2016 election).

But goverments are not the only ones. There are different kinds of political, religious individuals and organizations trying to reach people and spread their message (right or wrong).

Its massive. At the time of writing this over 2 Billion of people are connected to it. Thats almost 26% of mankind! If we try to gather all those people (including you?) I am sure we would need a bigger place that many countries currently have. Havings so many people from almost all around on such a platform gives it such a massive power that very few people understand. A small hint into that : have a deeper look into how exactly Arab springs and other uprisings in recent years have unfolded.


Well, thats now another debate what facebook is capabale of and what not and as well what it exactly does with all those people but lets try to see what Facebook actually has to offer a common John Doe or someone like me or maybe you.


What content does Facebook actually contain? 

The single most problem of continuesly looking at facebook feed is that it pumps loads of no or low value content into the brain and thats bad because it takes the brain to process that information to see if that’s a valueable information, a useful opinion or information or not. That amount of processing happens at the cost of other valueable tasks one has to do (in Job or family or hobbies etc).


How Facebook retains the engaged users (no matter what they do on Facebook) ?  Hint: it doesn’t annoys them.

One more fact of facebook is that it does try many psychological tricks to keep people engaged and not offend any regular user of facebook. Some examples of it are:

  • You cannot bar some friend from tagging you in their fotos, without talking to the directly about it.
  • You can’t opt of out FB messenger which keeps showing your online status
  • You cannot dislike posts or any content, to express any displeasure.


It encourages people to post content and gives them little doses of dopamine in forms of “likes”.

Well, with all the in mind I deactivated my profile to see if I can keep it deactivated and viola.. Its several months and I have not regretted once rather I feel much content about having done it.

Are there other people who don’t find Facebook a good place to share alot of your personal information and spend valueable time on? 

Here what some other people have to say about it:

6 Ways Social Media Affects Our Mental Health

Facebook and Twitter ‘harm young people’s mental health’


Facebook is there to make money, out of you!

Facebook currently is a half a trillion USD, highly profitable business and like any many other businesses, there are investors behind it with the main objective to make money. The details of how advertisers use people’s data to market their services or products is yet another topic for another day upon which people have written books about. There not so few people today that have disengaged or moved away from facebook whose proof is that Facebook has to advertise in print media to bring those people back to it. Therefore, apart from saving time and mental energy, quiting facebook may well also bring you several benefits.





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